Climate Twister – Fabrication

We do not know how global warming will effect us, but we know our lives will change because of it. Either we do nothing and adapt to the new world, or change our lives to lessen the damage.

So we created Climate Twister – a game where two users play twister, selecting options in response to future scenarios, and get a prediction for the year 2100 in the end. The game uses 20 soft buttons connected to a laptop running a processing sketch. It was inspired by the research of Jerome Whitington, and his paper “Carbon as a Metric of the Human.”


Here are some details of the build:

Once we had settled on this idea, we did a number of user tests. We bought a twister board and overlaid some ‘options’ and invented content on the fly.


At a certain point we tried different methods for tracking users and displaying options, but they didn’t work out.

trying to project labels on top of the board

When it came time to fabricate, we ordered a vinyl banner which would be our game board, and bought foam and plywood. The plywood was taken down to 4’x6′ (the size of our banner), and we made a stencil of the banner so we could lay things out on the plywood.

We got to work laying out the copper pads, cutting wires to be the right lengths, gluing and soldering. We also attached copper tape to our vinyl banner (which would complete the circuit when pressed).

We cut holes into our foam, at first making them too small and then upping the size.

With everything together, we realized our wires were not going to be long enough. We bought electrician style screw terminals and cut a channel in the board for them to fit and extend the wires.

aaand the fabrication was done! The rest of the process was spent debugging the code and designing the interface.

To be updated with video…

Here’s the code