Thesis User Test 2 – Arm Controlled Spatial Panner for Four Speakers

With two vive trackers and four speakers, one or two users can control the placement of audio across an “azimuth.”


here’s some footage of people’s first experience with the system. after experimenting to figure out how it works, people start playing around.


Vive > TouchDesigner Open VR node > TD processing & calibration > OSC to Ableton > 2 Ableton Groups > Envelop.

Music: Do it Anyway – Locked Groove (broken into 4 stems, using NI stems + audacity)


  • It made people aware of their own body and movement, and they liked that.
  • Movement was rewarded with the interaction
  • The interaction was limited, it would be cooler to effect more of the sound
  • Two trackers per person could be the way to go.

Next Steps:

  • hand height controls filter
  • create additional ‘gesture that sends a one shot through a ‘multi delay’
  • keep working on different tracks to find the right music
  • figure out why I can’t get clean ‘elevation’ readings from the tracker
  • move ableton to the same computer

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