Final Concept

How is space defined and used?

What makes something ok in one place, but not another?

We are interested in how a club can create an alternative set of behaviors. In order to point at how space creates norms, we will transform a space within 721 Broadway into an experience evocative of nightlife.


Create a partition inside of an existing room, where audio and light is used to create a space within a space. This partition can take a variety of forms and materials. The partition defines a space with more club like norms than the classroom it lives in.

Here are some bad sketches of this idea.

The partition is somewhat inspired by these Dan Flavin pieces.

Some variation on the above idea


using an existing wall
headphones could be used instead of directional speakers

Transform a closet into a club. A ‘tiny club’. Inspired by the work of Night Heron


More broadly, it will be interesting to examine a continuum of representations of nightlife, from abstract to literal.

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