Topics for Final

My three topics of interest for the final are environmental perception, social perception, and absurdism

Since taking this class, I give myself time to notice the shape of things. The environment is pushing on me constantly, and even just paying attention to the details of a pipe in my apartment or the mass of a building changes that relationship. I would be interested in exploring our perception of the environment – it’s depth, shape, and details – in order to alter relationships to it.

Perception is personal, subjective, shaped by norms. It’s not just how we see the world but how we see others. It’s incredible how we arrive at shared meanings or arguments. I would hope to examine social interaction and relationships in the context of perception.

I’ve recently been battlingĀ an existential crises. I’ve long believed there is no inherent meaning in life. It can be tempting for that to lead to nihilism, but I maintain that it is still worth searching for. It is still a struggle to reconcile, and I’d be interested in using my art to examine how we construct search for meaning in nothing.

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