Climate Change Exhibit – User Testing

Going into a new round of user testing, we wanted to try some other games with a narrower focus. Food seemed to be a logical area to look at, as we both love it and what we eat will be effected by climate change, posing a good example of adaptation.

For our user testing, we really just had two questions:

  1. Does this game match the message?
  2. And is the game fun?

We had two basic ideas to test:

  1. You invent dishes in a restaurant as different ingredients come in.
  2. Climate Change Twister.

First up, Inventing Dishes.

I created this basic prototype

<<images here>>

After the first test, I removed the year variation and tried to different ‘styles’ of restaurants.


  1. The testers seemed to prefer tangible interactions for making their dishes
  2. The message was sort of there – it ended more specific, involving food + adapatation

A couple of ideas came out of the testing, but it more or less proved the general concept. The next tests need to delve into possible gameplay mechanics – whether it’s a digital or physical interactive. One concept was to turn it into a gameshow, which could be fun.

Going into twister, I wanted to try and create something more in line with our message. By using the basic moves of twister for adaptation, relating them to a narrative about climate change, and perhaps manipulating them, we may be able to convey our message.

<<more stuffs>

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