Brainstorming Artifacts

For our brainstorming session, we selected three research topics:

Climate Change
AI Neural Network Visualization

We then took 8 minutes for each person to generate 8 ideas. With one minute allocated per idea, each of us had to sketch something out and give it a name.

Some of the most compelling ideas that came directly from the brainstorm or as a response to it:
An interactive visualization representing the effects of climate change.
An led sculpture representing a neural network where users can feed in different images
A creation of a “school” for computers where users can experience what a lecture, test, and graduation might be like for a computer that learns.
Visualizing neural network through rearranging of physical objects.
An examination of batteries in our every day life, (like an xray into common objects), with physical representations of batteries.
Experiments in batteries – can we make objects that represent the chemical processes or experiment with their materiality, with the audience being able to take part in some play
Large sculptures where you can go inside of a battery

After sharing our ideas, we decided to focus on batteries. More to come…

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