Listening To More Of You

I have long wanted to understand my stomach. During meals, I can be finicky, reluctant to eat. After eating even the largest of meals, I can leave hungry. And many times per week I end up so “hangry”, dazed and unable to make basic decisions.

How might I pay attention to what is going on inside of me?

My first instinct was in looking at my glucose. People colloquially talk about low blood sugar, outside of being diabetic, and maybe my glucose level is dropping when I’m hungry. The most common form of measurement is through pricking a finger, placing blood on a testing strip, and using a glucose monitor. The system itself would be about $30-40. But this is kind of extreme…. non invasive glucose monitors aren’t yet cheap enough to be adopted and diy solutions are inaccurate.

I was sitting around the other day and noticed a fascinating growl from my stomach. What if I literally listened to it? Some google searching led to a simple enough method – take a stethoscope and place the tube into a microphone. I got my stethoscope and gave it a try…

I could hear my stomach pretty well with the stethoscope. My lower back generated the clearest noise. So I got to work on the recording setup. Buut it failed
step 1:


The hose attachment used to make the connection didn’t have space for the full head of the microphone to properly record audio from the tube. My next step is to try find a new connector or modify the one I have.

In addition to my listening project, I started wearing an apple watch and allowing my photos to access my location information (which I had previously turned off). The more data I have now, the better.

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