Sound Tent – Final Documentation


Build Process:
1. We prototyped the basic experience, placing a cloth and leds around a table, with a basic music interface underneath. People enjoyed this experience and we leaned into making a tent.

2. We worked on the console for controlling the sound, and moved the sound generation from ableton to a synthesizer.
3. We hung up our fabric as a tent and draped the leds around it, doing another round of playtesting.

4. We sewed doors on the tent and sleeves for the leds. We cleaned up the console wiring, making a homemmade hat, and placing all our components on proto boards. We also added in the capacitive touch pads.

5. We finalized the programming to make the users interact with each other more and finalized the sound selection.

LED Logic:
When a user plays an instruments, lights are generated of a particular color palette on the led strip on their side. The drum pads also have their own palette but generate lights on both strips.

There are three brightness levels – for one person playing (least bright), both playing, or both playing and the drum pads being played (most bright).

System Diagram:

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