Sound Tent Update

This week, Beverly and I started working on the fabrication of our console and our tent. Beverly had found two boxes on the street that would work well to hold our equipment. So we started laser cutting a panel and painting the boxes.

We used some scrap wood for the panel and the laser cutter struggled to cut it, so Beverly insisted on just doing it by hand.

We got that done, hooked up our buttons, and got to painting and staining the boxes.

I started investigated using a synth for our sound generation. The korg nx5r was the most robust one I found in the ER. I spent some time playing around with it and reading through the manual. I have two sounds mapped on separate midi channels, with the two pots controlling two effects for each part, and can successfully save my settings. I still need to figure out how to modify the effects per instrument and to tweak the sound.

With our enclosure ready to start being wired, we started getting our tent set up. The simplest thing to do was to hang our fabric from the ceiling, using a dowel rod and some rope to hold it up.

We taped the lights to the outside and got a quick video for our show submission. Now with staging space, we are wiring up the enclosure to use perf board and developing the sound and light programming.

[updates coming soon]

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