Light & Sound Installation – Progress Update

Beverly and I prototyped our experience by taking fabric, draping it around a table, lining the table with lights, and building a makeshift console in the middle. The arduino output midi over usb – responding to a total of 9 buttons and 4 knobs – which was routed into ableton, while simultaneously controlling the leds. The lighting program was simple – turn on lights when buttons were pressed, with a natural decay. We brought in a variety of people to try it out and it was a success.

Next steps:

Program lights to be more reactive to users. I started on a concept to have one of the elements rotate the lights around the user

Continue to experiment with sound, possibly moving over the sound synthesis to a teensy or hardware synths.
Try out capacitive touch pads for percussion sounds, and begin building the enclosure for the center console
Plan out our “tent” and overall enclosure – we are thinking of hanging the fabric from the ceiling to give it a more playful feel. We’ll likely sew pockets in the fabric to house the led strips.

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