ICM Final Project Proposal

See prototype here.

I have a tenuous relationship to Instagram, and social media in general. I want to make something to counter the conditioning applications create – the way they manipulate the user to constantly check and interact with them. So at first I hoped to create a tamagotchi that thrived or died based on your social media usage. But the available info in the Facebook and Instagram API left much to be desired, and I didn’t want to spend my time on backends and service integration. So I am trying to tackle the same ideas through a linear narrative.

I’m creating a game using the mechanics of a cell phone as the main controls – rotation, image uploading, online access – as well as external data to drive to provide a bit of comic relief and self awareness to mindless social media usage. I’ve begun by trying to focus on the storyline, creating a storyboard for one sequence and a corresponding prototype. [try it here]

This first prototype proved I could use some basic phone mechanics – disconnecting from the internet, rotation – as well as create a more advance game environment using p5. My next challenge is to continue fleshing out the story. I like my first sequence but I’m still unclear of what the broader narrative is.

One possible interaction is having “actions” appear as the game progresses.

Timeline / self imposed due dates:
By Nov 15: Interactions prototyped (liking, following, posting), script first draft
By Nov 22: Playtest a prototype, script second draft, begin visual design
By Nov 29: Visual style developed and applied
By Dec 6: Final play testing, revisions and backend improvements
Dec 13: make up week if any of the above is behind.

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