Final Project Concepts

I haven’t really fallen in love with any idea for my final project. As I brainstormed, I decided I’d try to make a few prototypes.

First concept, a caged robot you have a strange relationship with. I did a version of this for intro to fabrication. Here’s what it looked like

So after getting some feedback from that project, I decided to mock up two changes – 1: changing the piece to be enclosed in a box so it is more cage like, and lit more creepily. 2: increasing interaction through movement tracking and a button placed on the cage.

First I simply put the existing prototype in a box I found, along with a lamp, and drew on a button.

I decided to increase the quality a bit. To get the bars to stay in place, I drilled holes into a piece of wood and hammered them in. I also mounted the robot arm to the same piece of wood. I also placed a button on the front of the box and made a controller so I could try to model some movement.

By the time I was done with this, I realized two things: 1. I had a decent sense of how I could make a nice object buuut 2. the interaction is what would really make or break the piece, so I’d need to try out some concepts. But my self imposed deadline was up and I moved on to the next prototype.

In my original brainstorming for the midterm, I had one idea to make a button mashing game, where two players controlled a servo and whoever mashed slower would have something knock into them. This is what my prototype ended up looking like.

The servo moves one degree with each button press – its clear that it should be a larger amount. But this basic interaction was somewhat compelling and I think with the proper context ( ie a well done set of pieces, “high stakes” by have something tipped over on loss), the game could be engaging.

My last idea would be to continue developing a midi controller I did a few weeks back. I still need to fix up my last prototype to see what interactions could be added or improved upon.

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