Mini Infinity

For my laser cut project, I started by experimenting with some cardboard. I made a fun shape – it was very gratifying. But then I got to searching for box files online and found this ‘box generator’, and got to playing around with it.

I tried to come up with project ideas, considering something with an electronic component. I have loved infinity mirrors and thought of Yaoyi Kusama’s infinity room – it would be really cool to make a miniature version of one of her pieces…

So I got to work! Admittedly, I didn’t do much more prototyping for this idea. I took one of the box files, added some holes on the base and top for led’s to be strung through, and one additional hole on the side for you to peek in.

I found some scrap mirrored acrylic that was exactly what I needed… I got to cutting and prayed. Luckily it worked! I assembled the box with tape but the effect was working!

Then I started putting together a string of leds.

I came up with this ingenious idea for wiring them up in the box. The wires came in directly to the breadboard’s ground on one end, and the other side had enough slack to plug into power.

But of course I didn’t test my circuit before delving in… d’oh! So I got to testing

After soldering new led strings and struggling with voltage calculations, I couldn’t get both of my two strings of leds fully powered…but I did get one!!

I hope to continue moving forward with this project, creating a proper housing and fully functioning leds.

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