Body Parts – A Webcam Pattern Generator

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Hadar and I began by experimenting on our own. I started playing around with video and image filters. I tried modulating through filters on an image but it seemed to really crunch the frame rate. For videos, I tried taking a randomly selected splice from your webcam, tiling and flipping them. When Hadar and I met, we settled on trying to give user control over the pattern.

Hadar had created a slider in her experiment and we began by adding it in to my code, making improvements as we went. From there, we played around and set the slider to control the size of the video by scaling it between 5% and 100% of its default size (100px). The result seemed pretty cool to us but we decided to try it out on the closest person in the lounge.

What to do was unclear to our test subject, so we decided to do two things. First, add a screen that lets you select what splice of the webcam is taken, and second, some instructions.

Check out the final version
Code here

Things I’d like to do going forward:
Handle mobile fallback
Have a ‘save pattern’ button that can export
Have a way to hide controls
Real time tracking

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